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14 firms from the plastic sector list on the ISO 500

Our Complete value chain of oil processing & transportation 10 Aug. 2017
  • Michale John

14 firms from the plastic sector list on the ISO 500

PAGDER Chairman Reha Gür evaluates the list of Turkey's 500 largest industrial companies from the perspective of the plastic sector. "Although 14 plastic companies are ranked according to the plastic NACE code, when companies that are in plastic production and in different NACE categories are evaluated, ISO 500 There are 37 industrial companies in the plastic sector on the list. "

Istanbul Chamber of Industry's "500 largest industrial enterprises in Turkey" list, 14 companies entered the plastic industry. The results of the ISO 500 2016 survey also revealed that the Turkish plastics sector, like many other sectors, Reha Gür, Chairman of the Board of Plastic Industries (PAGDER), who evaluates the data of the plastic industry companies entering the list, said that the 14 plastic industry establishments that entered the first 500 last year suffered most of the pre-tax period profit.

Sales from net production decreased by 5.4 percent!

Reha Gür; "Indicators such as net production sales, net sales revenue and net asset decreased for the first time this year compared to previous years. Sales from net production are respectively 5.4 percent; Net sales revenue decreased by 2.4 percent and net assets decreased by 8.2 percent. However, we think that this will be more meaningful when these developments are evaluated according to changes in inflation or average dollar exchange rate. With industrial inflation at over 8 per cent in 2016 and a 10 per cent increase in average dollar rate, we are seeing the full range of industrialists leaving behind a challenging year, "he said.

A noticeable fall in profitability!

Reha Gür emphasized that the decline in the profits of the plastic producers in the top 500 list is so remarkable, "Here we observe how effective the increase in costs is. Due to the trouble in the market, our industrialist can not clearly reflect the increase in costs in prices. "

In the first quarter of 2016, the plastic sector is in recovery!

On the export side, Reha Gür said that a decrease of 1.8 percent was achieved in the previous year's level in the year 2016, and that the positive reflection of the recovery period started in 2017 with the remaining referendum and the government's measures and incentives could be followed.

2016 İSO Top 500 Plastic Companies: Köksan Pet and Plastics, Korozo Packaging, Aege Profil, Naksan Plastics, Adopen Plastics, Super Film Packaging, Polibak Plastics, Elif Plastics, Vatan Plastik, George Fischer Hakan Plastik, Form Sponge, Kalde Air Conditioner, Sepas Plastic, Super Pipe.