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Our Complete value chain of oil processing & transportation
Will the Qatar crisis affect the petrochemical industry?

According to reports, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain and the United Arab Emirates, among members of the Gulf Arab Countries Cooperation Council (GCC), have cut off all diplomatic ties with Qatar on Monday due to alleged ties to terrorism. While Saudi Arabia has also closed its land border with Qatar, the use of this port by Qatar-linked vessels arriving at or departing from the port of Fujairah in BAE has also been hampered. ...

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Our Complete value chain of oil processing & transportation
Plastic exports increased by 8 percent in May

According to İKMİB data; Chemistry exports in May amounted to 1 billion 533 thousand tons with an increase of 27.10 percent and 1 billion 329 million dollars with an increase of 17.48 percent in value compared to the same month of the year when we passed. Plastic and finished goods sub-sector increased by 8.42 per cent and realized as 457 million dollars. ...

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10 Aug. 2017
Our Complete value chain of oil processing & transportation
14 firms from the plastic sector list on the ISO 500

Hot, muggy summers can bring about significant growth issues in your greenery enclosure. While summer fungus–such as the scandalous fine mildew–might not be specifically deadly to your plants, ...

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